What is SOMbands?

SOMbands is not the bands or t-shirts or even the messages on the products. SOMbands is an ideology.

It is all of those people out there who, despite disease, disabilities and setbacks, have accomplished things that many of us would deem impossible.

It's doing your best in everything, in every way, no matter what life throws at you because there are others who, through their sweat and tears and raw determination, have blazed the path and shown us what the human spirit is capable of accomplishing.

SOMbands, with its simple messages, tries to remind people of these things. Our purpose is to enlighten, empower and encourage people to do more, to be more and to realize that no matter how hard something seems, someone out there has always done more with less.

Why did I create SOMbands?

Because there are so many reasons to not do things. There are too many excuses to stop doing something once it becomes difficult.  And there are so many stories out there about people who have overcome pain or defied age to accomplish amazing things. I kept reading these stories, about 80-year-olds completing Ironman triathlons and others with prosthetics or going through chemotherapy for cancer and doing things I thought my body could never handle.

I would read these stories and think, “If they can do these things, and my body is young and healthy, the only thing holding me back is my mind, or rather my state of mind.”

So, SOMbands was born.  To give you the constant reminder that you really can do anything you set your mind to.

-Lauren Jones
 SOMbands creator